"Mimesis" are lithographies depicting felines and zebras in moderate and natural colours. The author unforcibly solves there the clasp of an animal with nature. As well as the previous cycles these works are, too, founded on spontaneous direct drawing based upon linear process.

In contrast to the previous period, where the author was stylizing an animal body into an animal sign, here he returns to a release in which not only the movement but also the integration into the composition as a whole is important. The landscape has become an equal part of the actual scene and therefore transposed into an imaginary level of stylized elements of concrete vegetative details such as for instance the leaves depicted as smaller contrasted stains or the tiger stripes verging into bamboo trunks in tiger's background. In the lithographies the sharp contour outlining of the animal's body is left out intentionaly. This way the cheetah's spots on the fur are connected with the leaf-like spots on the background.  Just as the black and white zebra, on the background of dry tree branches and trunks of african savanna, is standing out to the foreground thank to the direction and shape of the line respecting the animal's anatomy which the author tries to comply in most of the cases. More linear graphic view where either the movement or the contrast of the static and time variable, the contrast of living and lifeless or the contrast of light and shade is important.